Saturday, January 4, 2014

Morning Entertainment

Always striving towards efficiency, I thought I had all of my ingredients gathered this morning to make dinner in the crockpot for tonight. But before jumping into it, I needed to give Langley breakfast and noted I needed to buy more green beans for her diet mix of hard kibble, canned dog food, pumpkin, and a vegetable. This morning I used the favorite standby of chopped raw carrots. She's a funny dog - loves veggies. She gets just as excited when we make salads as she does when we're cooking a steak!
As she happily chowed down, I put her food away and continued with dinner prep. I realized I had forgotten a key ingredient - enchilada sauce! How could I have missed that one? It's the most important element! Shaking my head in wonder that I can somehow remember to dress myself everyday, I trudged back down to the basement pantry for the enchilada sauce.  I could have sworn I had seen the cans (one must never be without an ample stock of enchilada sauce!) But I guess I didn't go the extra distance to actually pick one up. Must've seen a squirrel. (Sigh) Finally, I was able to get into my routine and get this meal started in earnest. So I set to chopping and slicing and measuring and mixing. I love this recipe for chicken tortilla soup. I've played around with some adaptations and it still always turns out delicious.
With everything sliced, diced, chopped, and measured and all mixed in the pot, I turned on the heat, covered it securely, and started clean up. I had accidentally left Langley's canned food out earlier. I had put the pumpkin back in the fridge but must have seen that damn squirrel again and just moved on. Typical.
This is what I found when I opened the fridge...
Not the can that's supposed to go next to the pumpkin

And this concludes your morning entertainment segment.

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