Friday, October 21, 2011

What a Difference a Day Makes

....And it's freakin' ridiculous what can change in a year!! A few weeks ago I finished the Pennsylvania Ragnar Relay Race with my better half and 10 friends.
Our team was named "Couch Potatoes Gone Wild", affectionately known as "the Potatards". Read about it - 200 miles, 36 hrs - it's insane. I ran further than I'd run yet: 15.5 miles within 30 hours. The first 3 runs felt good. The first two were back-to-back legs that were fueled by adrenaline and fear. The 3rd leg was down from a fire tower in the middle of the night. Okay, THAT was pretty awesome. The darkness was like going-outside-after-a-heavy-snow-quiet. My headlamp illuminated my immediate world, and I hoped no deer (or bear) would wonder into my path. It was an excellent run. My last leg, however, S U C K E D. And by that, I mean it really sucked. Others had run worse, but still, it sucked. My team hung with me, feeding the ego within that didn't want to die in front of them, and I lived.
We were led by Captain Potatard (above) - he was an awesome leader. I think we'll be doing it again. It was a huge challenge, but for me it was the culmination of "I think I can." Now, I know I can. Cool stuff. So now I run.

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